Aruba Trip Reports

Aruba Grand Resort and Casino(now Riu Palace)

March 28 - April 3, 2001 by Christian

I wanted to provide visitors with feedback regarding our stay at Aruba Grand hotel. My girlfriend and I stayed at the Aruba Grand from March 28, 2001 through April 3, 2001. I was extremely displeased with the service and staff of the hotel. Very few, were pleasant or courteous. This includes all areas of the hotel staff, regardless of his or her function.

Upon checking into the hotel around 4 PM, on Wednesday March 28, we were not informed that every Wednesday there was a happy hour from 5 until 6 PM at the poolside bar. It wasn't until we went outside, that we became aware of the complementary drinks and buffet. This was one of the more pleasant experiences at the hotel. I would think the hotel would want to inform their guests of such an event.

We had two experiences that warrant mentioning. First, I asked one of the housekeepers for two plastic bags. The housekeeper rolled her eyes and blew her breathe. She then proceeded to mumble under her breathe. She tossed the bags at me, instead of handing them to me. I thanked her and received no response.

Second, on one particular day our room was not ready until 5:30 PM. And when it was completed, we did not have clean cups nor were used cups removed or replaced. The used towels were left in the room. The floor was not vacuumed.

If the hotel name is Aruba Grand Resort and Casino, why did all the information in the room refer to the Palm Beach Resort? The sign on the towel booth indicated we were staying at the Palm Beach. When we booked our trip, we were told that the hotel had undergone renovations, only to discover that the renovations mostly took place in the timeshare rooms. I found this to be very deceiving.

I will compliment the individuals who work the outside bar. This group of employees were always pleasant and quick with a smile.

All in all, we had a very enjoyable time on vacation and will return to Aruba, however, we will not stay at the Aruba Grand Hotel nor will we recommend it to anyone else.


Christian & Dawn