Flag of Aruba sandy beaches on the southern leeward coast heavy surf at the North coast of the island

Aruba's Customs Regulations

Duty Free

Besides articles for personal use, persons over 18 are allowed one fifth of (1 liter) liquor and 200 cigarettes, or 50 cigars, or 250 grams of tobacco.

Other stuff (like electronics, gifts, etc..) then mentioned above, a maximum value of Afl. 400.- (+/- USD 224.-)

Import requirements dogs and cats to Aruba

Cats and dogs from most countries are allowed if accompanied by valid rabies and health certificates from a veterinarian. Pets from South and Central America, Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, are not allowed. However, most hotels / accommodations do not allow pets. Please check with your hotel / accommodation in advance.

Leaving Aruba

When leaving the island, it is important to keep in mind the rules and regulations of your own country regarding what your allowance is for taking any such items back with you.

Inadmissable Items

Click here for more information about Inadmissable Items.


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