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Timeshare gives you the benefit of having your own property for as many weeks per year as you want, saving you the expense of having to pay for the time that you will spend at home or elsewhere. Most Timeshare properties are part of a cooperative association in which you can purchase shares.

For example, you want to visit Aruba every year, for two weeks at the end of April. As this is high season, chances are slim that you will be able to make reservations later than a half year in advance.

But when you have Timeshare Ownership of a property that you like, you will never have to worry about making your reservation in time. In the meantime you save money and worries over the time that you are not planning to stay at your property. The cooperation of which your Timeshare property is part, takes care of maintenance and making sure that your property is used in the time that you spend elsewhere.

Caribbean Palm Village Resort

Caribbean Palm Village Resort is a low-rise resort features a friendly atmosphere, with Aruban hospitality. Deluxe accommodations of 170 lavishly decorated rooms with balconies, are mostly i...

Area: North Aruba
from 99.00
Costa Linda Beach Resort

Costa Linda Beach Resort in Aruba is a timshare resort (Royal Resorts). It is a place for a family vacation. The staff is friendly and the amenities are wonderful. These are timeshare units ...

Area: Eagle Beach
from 200.00
Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort

Modern, colorful, and striking, the high-rise Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort is rivaled only by its most outstanding amenity- miles of pure white sand beach. Situated on Aruba's famed Pa...

Area: Palm Beach
from 189.00
3 Star Hotel

PlayLinda Beach Resort

Playa Linda Beach Resort offers you all of the unspoiled pleasures of tropical island vacationing at it's best. Situated directly on World renowned white sand Palm Beach one of Aruba's fines...

Area: Palm Beach
from 210.00
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