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Aruba: Getting Around - Transportation

We get a lot of questions regarding transportation possibilities on Aruba. "Should we rent a car?", or "Is public transport on Aruba safe and reliable?", "We saw minivans operating like public busses... are those minivans official?".


Driving is on the right in Aruba, so there won't be many problems for North Americans, Europeans and most South Americans when zipping around the island. We created a page Traffic Signs & Rules so you can prepare yourself when you rent a car, motorcycle or a bike.

Car Rental

You'll find a stretch mall full of car rental agencies at the airport, in a building across from the arrival area. We suggest you place a reservation for your car in advance. This will save you time and money when you come to pick up your car. Nothing worse than having to stand in line, only to find out that the car you want is no longer available.
To save more time and money: use our Rental Car Quotes

Motorcycle, Scooter Rentals

A lot of visitors love to go around the island by jeep, small scooter or motorcycle because it's a terrific way to get around the island. But is also possible to rent a Harley or do an island tour with a Harley Davidson motorcycle. » More info

Public Transport

The bus system, called Arubus, is one of the most popular method of public transportation throughout the island of Aruba. This is cheap, convenient and comfortable method of transportation, with bus stops being located in front of almost every hotel or resort, and waiting time for a bus is usually being less than half-hour long. See also our Bus Schedule on our Public Transport page.

Taxi Fares and Rates

The taxis don't have meters, the fares are set (and approved) by the Government, but visitors should use common sense (like anywhere in the world), confirm fares before you get into the taxi. Drivers do not accept USD 50 and USD 100 bills. All prices are per taxi, not per person!!! » More info