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Aruba Traffic / Road Signs & Rules

Speed Restrictions

  • Speed limit

  • End of speed limit

  • Recommended speed

  • End of recommended speed


  • Priority road

  • End of priority road

  • Crossroads with priority

  • Road junction with priority over minor road from the right

  • Give priority to traffic on the main road ahead

  • Stop: Give priority to traffic on the main road ahead

Road closed warnings

  • Road closed in both directions to vehicles, riders and persons in charge of animals or livestock

  • No entry in this direction for vehicular traffic, horse riders and persons in charge of animals or livestock

  • One-way road

  • One-way road

  • Access permitted

  • No access for vehicles with more than two wheels

  • No access for bicycles or for non-motor-powered invalid carriages

  • No access for pedestrians

  • No access for vehicles or combinations of vehicles with a length, including the load, greater than indicate

  • No access for vehicles with a width, including the load, greater than indicated

  • No access for vehicles with a height, including the load, greater than indicated

  • No access for vehicles with an axle load greater than indicated

Signs giving positive instructions

  • Roundabout – give way to vehicles on the immediate right

  • Instruction to all drivers to keep to the right of the sign (or left if arrow is reversed)

  • Instruction to drive ahead only

  • Instruction to follow the direction ahead shown by the arrow

  • Instruction to follow one of the directions ahead shown by the arrows

Parking and stopping

  • No parking

  • No stopping

  • Parking area

  • Taxi rank

  • Parking permitted for the immediate loading and unloading of goods only


Other signs giving orders

  • No overtaking

  • End of no overtaking zone

  • Give way to oncoming vehicles

  • Priority over oncoming vehicles

  • No U-turns

  • No turn right

Traffic Regulations

  • Main highway

  • End of main highway

  • Footpath

  • End of footpath

  • Route for pedal cycles only

Built-up area

  • Built-up area

  • End of built-up area

Warning signs

  • Uneven road

  • Dangerous crossing

  • Roundabout

  • Road workd ahead

  • Road narrows on both sides

  • Road narrows on the right side

  • Slippery road

  • School crossing

  • Pedestrian crossing

  • Traffic lights

  • Danger. Details of the danger are shown on the plate beneath


Information signs

  • Pedestrian crossing

  • No through road for vehicles

  • Advance warning of a no through road for vehicles

  • Follow the direction to the destination
    2A - is the name of the road

  • Bus Stop

Rules, Laws and Tips

  • Arubans drive on the right-hand side of the road.
  • You have the right and overtake on the left.
  • Speed limit in built-up area is 40 km/h (= 25 Mph). Outside of town 60 km/h (= 37 Mph), except where otherwise posted.
  • Drivers have priority of right.
  • On T-junctions traffic on the dead-end road must give right of way to all traffic from left and right.
  • Drivers of vehicles have priority over non-drivers of motorized vehicles.
  • Parking is prohibited:
    • Pulled along by a yellow stripe on the side of the road.
    • On a bridge.
    • At the height of a refuge or a continuous line in the middle of the road when less than 3 mtrs (=10 ft) space between traffic island or stripe and the parked vehicle remains.
    • Within 5 mtrs (=16 ft)of the sign indicating a bus stop.
  • Reduce your speed in rainy weather. Wet roads can be extremely slippery.
  • Within the urban area, you stopped traffic at least 1 m in front of your account.
  • Giving signals is allowed only if there is an immediate danger of a collision exists.