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Alto Vista Chapel

The chapel was built in 1952 on the site of the original, and first, Catholic church built in Aruba in 1750 by a Spanish missionary, Domingo Antonio Silvestre. The bright yellow chapel is reached by a winding road lined with white crosses marking the stations of the cross. It is a special place for peace and contemplation, surrounded by the Aruban countryside.

Peace Labyrinth

The labyrinth is built based on the Chartres Labyrinth. Its distinguishing features are; 11 circuits, the turns arranged in four quadrants, 85 lunation’s around the perimeter, and a 6-petal rosette in \ the center. Modern "pilgrims" walk the labyrinthine path as one of many tools to enhance prayer, contemplation, meditation, and/or personal growth. The labyrinth walk is popular with a growing number of people because of its simplicity and the ability to approach its paths on your own terms. There is no right way to walk a labyrinth. You only have to enter and follow the path. It may be joyous or somber. It might be thoughtful or prayerful. You may also use it as a walking meditation.



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