Aruba Trip Reports


October 27 - November 5 By Marij, Andre and Stacey from Holland

Let me start to say sorry for my bad English. I am not gonna use the translator this time because it takes me hours to do that.

27 October

Arrived at 7 in the evening. Take the bus to Tamarijn from Palm Tours. We sit in with only 6 couples. 3 must be at the Tam so no delay on checking in. We had requested 1900 block ground floor. We got 2217 ground floor which was very good - 2 queen beds traveling with daughter from 16 and husband so that was ok. Went to the buffet to eat something quick - it's open til 9.30 in the evening. The theme was Mexican and it tasted all very well.

We used all our holiday only the buffets at the conucu at Tamarijn we where very happy whit that. So we didn't go to the restaurants that were in the package. The buffet was every day different and very good . We liked the breakfast buffet that was completed and also the lunch buffet. It was too much. So after a few days we didn't take lunch or breakfast because we were filled up with all that good food. Also the snack corner at the swimming pool has lovely things our favorite was the club sandwich.

We went only one time too look at the Divi which was in the package. We take a drink sit there for one hour and go back to Tamarijn. Not that we didn't like it but we liked the Tamarijn better so next time no Mega all-inclusive for us but only Tamarijn.

We did 2 times shopping, the all day jeep tour from ABC, half day at Palm Beach and rented a car from Econo for 3 days. Everything was great.

We did a barbeque at friends that live 3 doors next to Flying Fishbone. Had dinner in Kowloon Chinese restaurant downtown (really good). Ate some pastechie at McDonalds.

Most off the time we are relaxing at Tamarijn in our beautiful room right to the beach - walked out right onto the beach. No stones. We had our water shoes but didn't have to use it there were no rocks in maybe a few. Other side off our room (garden) was a swimming pool my daughter used it a few times.


Strange weather (my 6/7 time in Aruba) didn't have this weather before. We had 2 cloudy days and than I mean the whole day cloudy. Lots of rain - most of them in the morning (lucky) and not showers but really 4 hours raining. A few days we have the Aruba wind but most of the time not. Not complaining. We were happy and the temperature was high and have a good time but it was strange.

Our concluding

Next time we going to Tamarijn for SURE. It's a small complex so you are not a number but people, that they now in a few days everybody talks to you and wants to make your holiday SUPPERRRR . And they did for us.

It was all full - no rooms left but at the beach a lot of space and never filled up. Really really really great time. The best time we ever had on the island and all thanks the crew and very good Tamarijn.

Marij, Andre and Stacey from Holland