Aruba Trip Reports

Divi Phoenix Beach Resort

April 2001 by CindyK

First of all, I would like to thank everyone on the BB for all your input and suggestions. Thanks to all of you, we had one of the best vacations ever.

Our flights

We flew American from Portland Maine to Boston and then Boston to Aruba. Flight was on time and lots of leg room. Meal was typical airline food. We arrived at 1:45pm to a beautiful sunny day. Took a cab to the Aruba Phoenix ($20 with tip). Our room wasn't ready, so Jim and I had lunch at the Sunset Beach Bistro. Food was good, serive a bit slow. Our friends arrived shortly thereafter. Our room was finally ready at 5pm. We had a one bedroom condo on the 13th floor, what a view!!! We had packed 2 suitcased full of beer, soda, munchies and breakfast foods. I highly recommend doing that as I found the beer to be expensive.


We had dinner at El Gaucho's. The best Chaurasco beef I've ever had. Highly recommend this one. We had sangria (to die for), salads, entrees, drinks, and desert, total bill for 4 people was $140.00. Seawatch restuarant at the Aruba Grand, nice atmosphere and good food. Had drinks, apetizers, entrees, and total bill was $127.00 for 4 of us. Madame Janettes, A MUST! We met up with my relatives (at La Cabana) and for 10 of us the bill was $215.00...not bad for drinks (many of em too) and entrees and tip. Salt and Pepper, great food! Drinks, apetizer, entrees and tip came to $60.00 for 2 people. Le Petit Cafe was a surprise for us. The cloth bibs was interesting but when they came out with the hot cooking stone to cook my filet mignon on, WOW!! Drinks, apetizers, entrees, tip, total bill was $80 for 2 people. We had lunch at Iguana was fantastic.

Tours & Ect.

We did the horseback riding to the Natural Pool with Rancho Del Campo. We did a group tour which was ok by me. I was a bit nervous since they gave me a horse that was 6 feet tall and I am only 4'11. Jim got bit by another horse, one horse tripped on a rock and the rider was banged up pretty badly. Natural pool was nice though. Word of caution, hold on when the horses hit the sand on the beach...they like to run. We also did the DePalm Jeep Safari. This was an all day event and you definatly get your money's worth with this one. You are six people to a Land Rover, everyone takes turns driving. You will visit the California Lighthouse, Alto Vista Chapel, Ruins, Natural Bridge (which is beautiful)and then a BBQ lunch at DePalm Island, snorkeling and then back into the jeep for a visit to the caves. We also did the Kukoo Kanuku party bus....what a hoot! Yep, that was me dancing on the tables at Carlos N Charlies (hehehe).

I saved the best for last, the sunset sail that Melvin (operator of arranged was the highlight of our trip. We went on a catamarin (Red Sail Sports) for an evening sunset sail and met some great people. Thank you Melvin!


I have read alot about the wind and getting sand blasted. I don't think I would have survive without the wind, never once got sandblasted. I also read that there was alot of seaweed neer the Phoenix, agian, never saw any. We rented floats and that was nice except I was constantly fighting the wind which was pushing us towards the rocks. Our weather was perfect, sunny and warm all week. We did have a "shower" but it wasn't anything to speak of. It was more like a light mist for all of 3 minutes.


Shopping was good, got myself some gold jewelry at a good price. Casinos were alot of fun....we won in the Radisson Casino and friends of ours won in the Aruba Grand Casino. Nothing in Seaport, Crystal or the Royal Palms Casino. Do not book horseback riding and then another active tour the next day. Same thing for the KuKoo....don't plan anything for the next day.

We had a great time and really enjoyed Aruba. The only negative things I can say is that the serive at the Phoenix was below average and customs and immigrations on the way home was horrible. We are all ready talking about our next trip to paradise. A special thank you to Melvin, Amy & Mike and Sonny & Dottie