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Aruba Snorkel Spots and Sites

North Sites

north snorkel sites map
1. Arashi Bay - Arashi Beach
Powder soft white sand, with some pebbles and stones, and superb swimming / snorkeling in peacefull water. No facilities, but beach huts (palapas) offer shade. Accessible by car (there's plenty of parking), taxi, or a 10 minute walk from the last bus stop on Malmok.
On the right side of the beach, there is a small bay, great snorkeling but be carefull with the currents.
2. Boca Catalina I and II
Number I (north) is a very small beach, with some old beach huts (palapas), beach for sunbathing, not so much parking spots, but great snorkeling. Number II is the official Boca Catalina, some beach huts, shallow water, a lot of fish. Most Sail & Snorkel trips have a stop here.
3. Malmok Beach
Just about 150 ft south of Boca Catalina, a very smal beach / entrance to the water, with a lot of stones, but one of Aruba's best snorkel spot (not crowded, most of the time we are the only ones!). However... you won't have shade, or any other facility.
4. Antilla Ship Wreck
a 400 ft. (122 meters) long German freighter resting in 60 ft. (18 meters) of water. The wreck is now the home to exotic fish and corals. The snorkel spot it's too far to swim to, book a catamaran sailing tour if you'd like to snorkel the site

South Sites

South snorkel sites map
5. Renaissance Island (private)
Great spot for snorkelers and sunbathers. Accessible for guests of Renaissance Resorts on Aruba only.
6. Palm Island (paid)
The coral reef just off the island is one of Aruba's most spectacular snorkel sites. Great snorkeling can be had in both waist-high and deeper waters. Starts at aprox USD 100 per person for aprox 4 hours on the island, 8 hrs aprox. USD 125. All snorkel gear is provided, as well as instruction. Complimentary snorkel tours of the reef are offered twice daily. And all-you-can-eat and open-bar is inlcuded.
7. Mangel Halto
A favorite place for picnics and snorkeling (mostly locals, some tourists). White powder sand, shallow water. Accessible bu public bus, taxi or car.
8. Saventa Beach
First shallow water, then a beautiful protected reef full of marine life! A real hidden gem!
9. Rodgers Beach
Soft, white powder sand and excellent swimming in reef-protected water. No facilities. Accessible by taxi or car.
10. Baby Beach
A family favorite with heavenly white powder sand and calm turquoise water. Snorkeling is wonderful here (just go outside the bay, but be carefull for the strong current!). Some facilities and several refreshment stands, couple of beach huts provide some shade. Accessible by taxi or car.