Aruba Trip Reports

La Cabana Beach Resort

November 26 – December 3, 2011 by Susan

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This was our first time staying at La Cabana (funny thing-we have never stayed at the same place twice-we realized that while lying on the beach in Aruba). We rented directly from an owner. This was our 4th trip to Aruba.

We always stay in Boston the Friday before our flight. We live a bit over an hour from Boston and this time of year weather could be an issue so we do the Park Stay and Fly. Our flights are always early ones so this gives a bit more sleep and a lot less stress not having to worry about weather issue.


We flew US Air and our flight was leaving at 5 am!! Up at 2:30 am and to the airport by 3:30 am. Our flight left right on time – we had a layover in Charlotte and we were delayed leaving there about 45 minutes. So due to that we landed late in Aruba –around 3:15 or so.. The lines were crazy so for the first time we used the window for flight crews/aruba residents…probably saved us an hour or more!!! Off to get the bags. I also went into the duty free shop-got rum but no Canadian club. Off to find Hans from Tropic. There he was even though we were late. So easy. He helped us with our luggage and walked us to the car. Within 10 minutes we were off! B was so impressed with his service – he was amazed. I got kudos for that but I have give it all to the people on this board that have recommended Tropic!! Due to the time we went to the resort to check in and then go to the store. No issues checking in and off to our room. It was great! 4th floor with a great pool of the pool and the beach. Off to the store. OK for the life of me I cannot remember which one-it’s the one in the back of the parking lot-Super Foods, Certified??? I have no clue. In any event, we picked up our beer and snacks. We tried to find pepperoni (B loves that stuff) and we could not find it so we asked at the deli and they got it from the back and sliced it up for us. Back to the La Cabana to drop everything off. Then off to Smokey Joes!! It was so nice to sit in the warm air. B had the ribs/chicken and I had wahoo. Yummy. I think we were in bed by 9.


Woke up and it was overcast with no wind!! We just grabbed Dunkins for breakfast and headed to the beach. Cold beers and warm weather but not much sun. Around noon it started to rain and then it POURED!!! NOOOOO not again this year!!! It rained so hard the beach by the beach bar was flooded. When it let up a bit we brought our stuff back to the room and headed to Pizza Bobs for lunch. We each got a salad – B had a tossed and I got the one with mozzarella. And we shared a pizza. And of course Balashis. It was good. We went back to the La Cabana and hung out by the pool….the weather improved-WHEW! We went to Matthews for dinner. It was good. I think we both ended up with steak but I also had a lobster tail with mine. Off to bed and yep, around 9. Such party animals we are.


Once again it was overcast. We decided to go the Arikok Park. We had somewhat of map but the road we needed (4) was not marked as you drove towards San Nicholas. We thought we figured out which road it was and turned around-go figure-there was a sign giving us the route going that way. I think that was the only time we got lost the whole week. We got to the park just as the visitor center opened. We paid our $5/each and the lady at the center gave us a great map of the island. I left in the glove box of the rental car hoping it will help someone else out. It was an enjoyable ride other than the drainage dips through most of the beginning. We saw lots of goats (and babies). I am so mad at both of us though. At the end it started to sprinkle and as we drove by this building there was a donkey under a carport. I have no idea why but we did not stop and take his picture. Why? I have no idea!!! Must have been the heat. We decided since we were on that side of the island we would go to baby beach. It was not that crowded. But there was NO wind. At all! We stayed there for a couple of hours and then stopped in at the dive shop for drinks. Stopped at Iguana Joes for lunch and then back to La Cabana to hang around the pool for a bit-got some happy hour drinks  Got cleaned up and headed up to the high rise area. We walked around a bit then went to Giannis for dinner. B had chicken cacciatore and I had pasta with a chunky tomato sauce. Hit the spot. Yep, back to the La Cabana and bed. Man, these beach days are hard work!

I apologize that this is turning into a book!!!


Today’s weather looked a bit more promising. We had breakfast at La Cabana. It was good and I thought the prices were reasonable. Off to the La Cabana beach. I think we were there about an hour and I had a beach incident. I hit my baby toe on the leg of the lounger. I heard it crack. Swollen and black/blue in an hour. I self medicated with balashi-there is nothing they can do for a baby toe anyways right? Up at the light house it looked beautiful while more clouds at the La Cabana. So we hopped into the car and went up to Malmok Beach. It was beautiful weather up there. We then went up to the lighthouse restaurant for drinks and quick bite to eat-I had the antipasti and B had pizza. When we got back to the pool area we heard it had rained for quite a while there. It never rained up at the light house end of the island. Dinner at Madame Janettes. We got there a bit early and had a drink at the bar. When we got our table they wished B a happy 50th birthday-I had put we were celebrating in my email for the reservation. They had a guy playing the guitar-that was nice and he was not bad to look at either . We shared a salad and B got the prime tenderloin steak and I got the almond crusted grouper. I had never had that before and I loved it. I am also happy they sized down their sides because I love their potato gratin but B does not like that kind of potato so the fact they have sized it down makes me feel not so wasteful. It was a great meal. I look forward to that meal all year long. And yes, we were probably in bed before 10 pm!!!


Breakfast at La Cabana. I think B is hooked on their breakfast potatoes. The weather is beautiful!!! Off to the beach. We stayed there all day. We even grabbed lunch there and brought it to the beach. In the afternoon we headed up to the pool for the happy hour drinks. We ate at Mulligans. Such a beautiful location. The food was good and I thought the prices were decent. B had the Caribbean ribs and I had the teriyaki beef..


Another beautiful day. We went to Lindas Pancakes for breakfast. I loved it, B was not a fan. He got eggs and they were overcooked and they kind of cook them the pancakes-the bacon was cooked in them. I enjoyed my pancake. Oh well, you cannot win them all. Then off to Baby Beach . There was an accident on the way there-a dump truck hit a house so we got detoured. We got there without further incident. The water was great. It was so relaxing. We were there until early afternoon and then we headed back to La Cabana. On the way back, another accident. This time a SUV ran into a house. Not sure what was going on that day. We had lunch by the pool and of course some happy hour drinks. That night we had dinner at LG Smiths. It was very good. We both had salads and beef for our entrée. I got brulee for dessert. Yum. Yep, back to La Cabana and bed. We are officially old.


Yay-another sunny Aruba day!!! We went up to Malmok this day. It was great because the lounge rental person was there (they were not there the other day) so we rented 2 for $5 each-no time limit. We stayed there until early afternoon and then went to 5 Burgers Aruba for lunch. Talked to the owner for a bit (he is also from Massachusetts). I thought the burgers were decent and the fries good. Then off to the pool at La Cabana. And happy hour drinks. We had dinner at Smokey Joes. We saw the coupons for the casino at the Rui in the paper giving you $10 if you signed up for the card so we cut those out and went there after dinner. B ended up winning $40 on their $10. He did not play any other $. He was happy. I did not fare so well. We headed back to La Cabana and got ice cream over at the Tropicana and then, yep, to bed



So sad. Our week is over. The weather was sad for us too-it was overcast again. We had breakfast at the La Cabana. We checked out around 12 and then went downtown to wander around a bit. We had some drinks at Iguana Joes. It poured at one point while we were downtown. We had to meet Hans at the airport at 2:30. We got to the departure area and Hans was waiting for us. Again, the return was just as easy as the pick up. The line at USAir was short so no issues there. The backups were at the 2 security checkpoints. We still ended up with about an hour wait before our flight – our flight was due to leave at 5:40 pm. While wandering around I saw SanNic44 signing books. I said hi apologized that I did not have a book he could sign but I did have them both on my Kindle. Also while waiting I scooted into the casino and ended up doubling my $. I cashed out quick and got out! Our flight left about 10 minutes late.

Some thoughts about this trip. We loved having the rental car and no matter where we stay in the future I do not think we will not rent a car for the whole week. The beach hut game was in full force on the beach at the La Cabana. The days we were there we saw ‘reserved’ huts but never ever saw the people. But we have also decided that many times we prefer the other beaches to the resort beaches-they are quieter and more relaxing for us. We got to explore a lot more this time because of having the car which was fun.

I hope I did not bore anyone to death. Until next year