Aruba Trip Reports

Radisson Aruba Beach Resort & Casino

March 5 - March 15, 2004 by Mandy

Ok, just got back last night so I will try my best to put up a good report here.

Friday the 5th we departed Newark at 8:30A.M. Arrived in Aruba on time, around 2:30ish....hopped a cab to the Radisson to beat the rush of the busses. Check in was smooth, as we did get the King Size bed, it was also in the main tower which everyone recommends, but we were a 3rd floor connecting room over the bar, balcony on a tar roof type deal....We passed, went back to the front desk & moved to the 3rd building Much better for us.

We hit Gilligans for lunch and some drinks, back to the room to nap before dinner & the Full Moon Party. I believe we just grabbed some pizza at Tomato Charlie's, can't go wrong there. Cheap & good & pretty fast.

We went to the Full Moon Party & stayed a while on lounge chairs, relaxing w/a beer & the sound of music & The sea behind us....very nice.

Oh & it also rained a little Friday afternoon, we got caught in a down pour on the way to the Mini Market. We were also told it POURED BAD Thursday. Saturday, Bill was on line for the Palapa before 7am & we got a good one, all 10 days actually we were right on the water, thanks to his dillagence~ He brought me Dunkin Donuts coffee & we went to the gym & then to the Laguna for the breakfast buffet that came included w/our package. I have to say, if it wasn't for the omlet station or pancakes made to your liking, I wouldn't want to pay for the whole bufett. Anyway, headed to the beach for some relaxation.

Dinner that night was Sole Mare. I had the pasta w/vodka sauce & chicken, not bad & Bill had the grouper w/lemon, garlic sauce. We were more impressed w/the food last year, but it was still good. We were like 1/2 hr early for our reservations because we walked & thought we would be longer, but they sat us right away. Did wait a long time for a check though!

Sunday, same deal in the AM. Weather wasn't looking so great in the AM, Rain, Sun, Rain, Sun...lots of running back & forth, LOL. But turned out to be a nice day.

Diner we tried Amazonia. I would say BE HUNGRY if you go there. So much food. I was very impressed w/the beef strogonaugh at the buffet table though. Monday after the beach, we rested & then tried a new place for dinner called PASION. ABSOLUTELY GREAT FOOD! Highly recommended. I had a chicken breast stuffed w/mushrooms & onions, rolled in hash brown like potatos & then briefly deep fried, served w/a dijon mustard....SO GOOD. Bill had the seafood dish of grouper w/cilantro & jalipenos? maybe, something spicey on it....he loved it!

Tuesday we stayed by the beach & then at 4:00 went up to the lobby bar for Exotic Concauctions. Definitly interesting. You taste 5 drinks & get a big one at the end. Dinner was a quick Hawaiian pie at Tomato Charlies I believe.

Wednesday we did the Jolly Pirate snorkle trip. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Carla, great to finally meet you! We had so much fun. Met nice people, snorkled, ate, drank. They give a great trip, Go For It! Lots of color that back to the room, ordered a quick snack from room service, showered, changed & headed over to the BB Party at Kokoa Beach Bar. It was nice to meet the people who were there! We just had a small bar pie at the bar (not too impressive) before we boarded the BANANA BUS! Now that was some fun. The first 2 bars were great, a local one & the Choose A Name. We learned new dances, BACARDI & COCOA COLA Dance & the WIPER Song Dance, too fun~ Carlos & Charlies we couldn't even get to the bar to use our free tickets....TOO crowded.

Thursday we hit the beach as usual after breakfast & had reservations for the Black Hog BBQ, we had a ball. The dancing, contests, etc. A lot of fun. We also got in a round of mini golf before the "festivities" began. We walked back to the Radisson from there too, LOL.

Friday the usual beach day & we tried the Screamer, pretty cool way to see the island. They spin & fish tail, you get wet, its like a jet ski boat. They take you past the lighthouse to the actual tip of Aruba.

We had reservations for Sunset dinner at Marandi. I know a lot of people think the food is great but we were way more impressed w/the atmosphere. Food wasn't 100%. We walked into town from there. Was scared by some wild dogs fighting....just crossed the street & kept going.

Saturday we were on the beach in the AM & then 2:00 we went horseback riding. Ok, now I was scared. Horses going up & down rock hills & then taking off at gallop when the hit sand. At one point my horse took off across a big stretch of sand before everyone else Dinner was at Tango. Nice place, good food.

Sunday we just relaxed on the beach all day & had a wonderful dinner at Madamme Jeanettes. We were both very impressed w/the atmosphere as well as the food.

Monday, beach day....then the walk of shame to the lobby w/the bags & Ayo to Aruba. We had ice cream every night at Amici's, hit the internet cafe over by Playa Linda as well.

It was a great trip. 10 nights, 11 days is just enough time.