Aruba Trip Reports

Radisson Beach Resort

October 7 - October 14, 2004 By Jackie

Another great trip!

Arrived at JFK at 9:30am lines small moved fast and got to gate they announced plane will be leaving late. Still no problem we were happy to have made it thru rush hr traffic. Arrived about 4:45 in Aruba again small lines got bags right away and ready to leave airport in no time at all. We took a cab rather then bus and check in took 5 mins. I had emailed 5 days prior to request possible upgrade and confirm room as I knew hotel was fully booked. We did get upgrade and in our room by 5:30. Was told during our stay the 20 reservations had been sent to Marriot that week so I was happy we took cab and I confimed our room.

We changed to shorts went to Mira Sole bar and enjoyed our 1st drinks in the beautiful tropical setting. We ate at Laquna in hotel that night. While food was good not great it was served luke warm but we were happy to be in Aruba and only ate there as we were to tired to venture out. Friday am I went to towel hut at 7:30 to get hut. From what I could tell that week at least if you got there to much later you would be out of luck. Only 1 hut per room could be reserved but found that people would reserve hut and stay by pool as well and go back and fourth all day. Thought this was unfair because most of the day there huts would be unused. The pools are right behind the beach we would just walk back to the pool to take a dip and return to our hut.

We had breakfast included so Laguna for breakfast everyday. Stayed on the beach till 4 and took turns going in ocean or pool and just relaxed. Waiter service by both beach and pool for drinks and food which took advantage of.

We made reservations for dinner at Solo Mare that night an easy walk from the hotel and good food.

Sat and Sunday same routine. Object of this trip relax,relax,relax. Plenty of water related activities to do right off the pier to the left of the beach if you are so inclined. I enjoyed watching the people getting bounced out of the Banana boats.

We ate at Amazonia first time we tried that. Meat was tender and left satisfied but won't go to that type of place again to many other good resturants on island. Challet Swiss we loved had never been before and will return.

Monday we visited our favorite jeweler and my husband was again good to me and this time actually got something for himself as well.

Tues same as above pool-beach-drink-eat except one surprise.

Two yrs ago we had met a couple from Cape Cod and I had said wouldn't it be funny if we ran into them and we did. Was nice to see them again and meet their Mother as well.

Other dinners Madame Janettes - Bella Luna we go to both of these each time. And we tried Marandi this time by the airport. Great dinner will go back but beware the cab fare is 16 each way.

Of course we were at the casino everynight after dinner but just left our donation and will visit our money there next yr.

In talking to some people during our stay we found that they had problems getting there rooms and were very unhappy. But listening to them I could tell they were also very demanding and pushy. We have found that the way you talk to people makes a big differance in getting your request and we were happy with the employees at the hotel.

Also I met three couples 1st time to Aruba and they will be back so they are hooked.

On the night of my birthday the waitress at the bar surprised me with small cake decorated so pretty and sang HB This she did on her own my husband did not inform her. As I had showed her my new ring the day before and she remembered. It was very nice and genuine on her part. We did tip extra thru out the trip for drink service at pool and beach and at the bar and resturants as well. We know that people in the service business work hard and deserve to be compensated.

Last day we had 5:30pm flight. Had last breakfast took spot by pool and went back to room packed up last minute things and checked out. Retuned to pool and had last lunch and drinks. There is a courtesy room which we used to change. It was actually very nice set up with lockers and 4 complete restrooms with showers and towels supplied . We took cab at 3pm to airport only 5 people ahead of us on line -right thru customs and security the best departure yet. Except the plane again was delayed about an hr. Traveling thurs to thurs was easy. Arrived at our door at 12:30pm car waiting at JFK for us and longest wait was for bags at JFK . Some things never change. We will return next yr as we were "One Happy Couple" while there. Sorry report went so long as I am gabby!