Aruba Trip Reports

Radisson Aruba Resort & Casino

May 27 - June 6, 2004 By Mary and Frank

Just returned late Sunday and wanted to post this while the 11 days of paradise is still fresh in my mind. Went with my husband, our 2 daughters (18 and 21) and their boyfriends. We go each year sometimes twice but it was the first time for the boyfriends.

We booked the trip thru MCM tours and would never use anyone else. They have the best prices and it included the buffet breakfast and $100. food/bev credit per room at the Radisson. We have always stayed at the Radisson and even when it was the Golden Tulip. Having the breakfast included was great because our tab each morning was $103.15/day and the food/bev credit was great since we had lunch each day at Gilligans.

Our flights were from BDL in CT on AA. Going we went thru San Juan and had no problems - arrived about 1:15 and were settled in our rooms by 3. Since we are repeat guests at the hotel we had ocean front rooms in the Aruba Tower on the 6th floor. Our return flight was thru Miami - that was a nightmare. We landed at 7:30pm in the D concourse and our flight to CT was at 8:10 in concourse A - which is about a 20 - 25 min walk - we just made our connection and for the first time on AA we had a very rude gate and flight crew. We'll never have connections thru Miami - San Juan is much better.

Each day we got up early to get a front row palapa and would meet for breakfast at Laguna and were on the beach by 9:30-10am. We think it is worth it to get up early to get the palapa we want because our days are lazy and we can sleep on the beach. The kids did a lot of the watersports including parasailing, renting wave runners, and a dePalm snorkeling trip. We also spent a lot of time in the ocean on floats ($5.per day rental). The zero entry pools were great as well. The grounds around the pool, beach and hotel are just beautiful. We would go to lunch at Gilligans each day (young people eat a lot - hubby and I would join them for a drink) The $300. food/bev credit was great towards this tab. We would leave the beach about 4 and relax and go to dinner about 7.

We would go to the Casino after dinner - we broke even at black jack and played each night and had a lot of fun with all our friends who work at the Radisson casino. The kids came with us sometimes or would meet us later in the night after doing their own thing. They liked the karaoke at the Hyatt, Mira Solo at the Radisson and a few bars downtown. They also did the Kukokunuko (sp?) bus and had a blast - they also did the tatoo cruise that was ok but would have rather down the Kukokunuko bus a second time.

Here is the list of our dinners.

5/27 Gilligans - Radisson

we were too tired and hungry after our flight to go out and we couldn't wait to have a nice meal outside.

5/28 Chalet Suisse

our all time favorite and the first place we go. The meal was excellent and just enjoyed seeing Benny again.

5/29 Ruinas del Mar - Hyatt

We were really disappointed, previous visits were always good - this time the menu was very limited and the food was ok. when we asked the server about the limited menu he said they have a new chef and he is still revising the menu - would not return until the menu is expanded.

5/30 Le Petite Cafe

This is in front of the Playa Linda and always good - its also fun to cook your own meal on the hot stone.


Hubby and I stayed on the beach late and ate again at Gilligans - food always good and service is great. The kids went to Salt n Peppers - they said the meal was awful and would not think about going again.

6/1 Blossoms - Wyndham

This is Japanese where they cook at your table. The food both meat and seafood were excellent and a lot of fun. They were very accomodating since my husband is very allergic to shrimp so they made sure that his meat was cooked first so that there was no shrimp near his meat.


The kids went on the Kukokunuko bus and had dinner and we had a late lunch and just went to Sunset Grille at the Radisson about 9pm for desert and coffee - the deserts are excellent.


Tony Roma's after eating large meals we were all ready for a lighter meal of ribs etc. As usual it was very good.


Kids went on the Tatoo Cruise which included dinner they said it was OK and we went to Sunset Grille at the Radisson - the food and service were excellent and portions were large.

6/5 Chalet Suisse

since it's our favorite we always go at least twice. Again a great meal and a wonderful way to end our vacation.

Final note

As ususal it was a wonderful trip and we all had a fabulous time. The first 3 days were the Soul Music Festival - it was a bit more crowded and louder then but not a problem but we wouldn't plan our next trip during this time. The weather was fine - don't believe - we did a 2 or 3 days when there was a brief shower but we just stayed on the beach or in the water. It was also overcast 2 days but after intense sun - its nice to get a break.

We got home late sunday and are slowy getting back into our routines after a 11 heavenly days in paradise. If anyone has any questions, drop me a note and we'd be happy to answer them. Now we're planning our next trip for November for our anniversay (26 years) without the kids.

Mary and Frank - Long Time Aruba Fans