Aruba Trip Reports

Divi Aruba Beach Resort

March 8 - March 15, 2002 by Bob

Just got back from Aruba, we were there 3/8 thru 3/15 of 2002. We stayed at the Divi, all inclusive. This was our first time there and we thought it was terrific! We had a "Cabaña" (#366 highly recommend it), which was right beside the beach bar - ten steps from our door to the bar- ten steps from the bar to the beach. The weather was great, thank God for the wind, you will appreciate it. Some times the wind can gust pretty strong, it will move things on a chair or table, and if you are on the beach it will blow some sand, but not that much of a problem.

We took a tour of the island with De Palm Tours. We went on the air-conditioned bus, which we were glad of. They call the open jeep tours the "Shake & Bake Tours". Going cross-country is rough (shake) and the sun is very hot(bake). You also usually get very "dusty" in an open jeep tour. Our Guide's name was Sonny and he was great and very knowledgeable about the island.

We could not believe the amount of people that kept coming in to our hotel (by the bus LOAD), but we never felt crowded at the buffets and definitely not on the beach. We were amazed by this fact. We liked the low rise hotel Divi much better than we would have a high rise hotel. It was quieter, very clean, and we had plenty of "beach room". The food was very good with lots of choices and plenty of it. We tried two of the "reservation required" restaurants at the Tamarijn (all there facilities are included with the "all-inclusive"), and found them both good. The Red Parrot Restaurant's menu did not appeal to our taste, so we didn't try it, but heard lots of good things from other people who did. We did get a little tired of buffet eating towards the end of our vacation and would have to think twice about the "all-inclusive deal". You need to figure approximately $200 per couple- per day for eating and drinking if you don't go all-inclusive, which would be more than enough to cover cost. Examples of buffet cost are $12.50 for breakfast. $15.50 for lunch, and $25.00 for supper, this is per person. Drinks were $2 for soft drinks & beer and $4-$5 for mixed drinks. Everything that is used on the island is imported, therefore the cost are high (a Big Mac is about $5). They have the 2nd largest desalinization plant in the world, so the water is safe and great everywhere.

If you want to go horeseback riding use the Rancho Notorious. For transportation, there are numerous rental agencies. If you are going to do a three day rental, be sure and check the weekly rate, it will most like be very close to the same cost. the buses run about every 20 to 30 minutes and are great to use. They cost $1.15 for one way and $2 for round trip (2 rides). The shopping was good, we didn't do any jewelry shopping, just shirts and nick-knacks and the prices are about they same every where. Definately take a sun-block lotion with you, the sun is very intense.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.